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"My first appointment with a child is an opportunity to build a foundation of understanding and trust with my young patient and their family.”

Beatrice Tetteh, MD, MPH

Beatrice Tetteh, MD, MPH

Undergraduate Education

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Major: Psychology; Minor: Chemistry

Urbana, IL

Medical Education

University of Illinois College of Medicine Rockford / Rockford, IL

Residency: Harbor-UCLA Medical Center / Torrance, CA

Fellowship: University of California Davis Medical Center / Sacramento, CA

Dr. Tetteh in cap and gown at commencement.

Dr. Tetteh works to find solutions where she sees a need.
As a pediatric resident, Dr. Tetteh developed a first of its kind “car seat loan program” for young children needing a spica cast, a special type of hip and leg cast, for whom traditional car seats could not accommodate.


Following her residency, her journey continued to Sacramento’s University of California Davis as a fellow in the Primary Care Outcomes Research program through the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Research and Policy.


With a committed focus on Community Advocacy, Dr. Tetteh centered her research project on physical education requirements in schools as she earned her Masters of Public Health. Her efforts were richly rewarded with respect and recognition, as her project was selected for a platform presentation at the 2013 Pediatric Academic Societies meeting in Washington D. C.

image of two women smiling at the camera

Naturally a Teacher

Advocacy for quality Pediatric care comes in many forms. For Dr. Tetteh, it includes ensuring that our next generations of doctors are provided the best in clinical care experience across vital specialties and available diagnostic tools, but also in terms of the “human component” that weighs heavily on patient and parental understanding and treatment outcomes.


Dr. Tetteh is the Pediatric Clerkship Director for California Northstate University, one of eleven California medical school campuses. In her capacity as director, she ensures that all third-year medical students receive a quality Pediatrics clerkship experience. She is directly responsible for teaching student doctors the practical application of pediatric examination techniques and best-practices that foster trust for both young patients and their caregivers during an appointment. This may also include how to discuss a diagnosis and respond to questions in a manner that supports not just healing but well-being. At all times building upon a relationship toward future health and education.

"When they come into this office, they are all seen as a child here for care, not categorized by their community or insurance plan."

Beatrice Tetteh, MD, MPH
Dr Tetteh at the Unity Center
Two seated toddlers

Dr. Tetteh believes that a child in need of care is her top priority …full stop. Her demand of empathy, justice and authenticity in herself and all others is the driving force of her life’s work, and guides her practice today. That includes an expectation that with assistance, parents follow a treatment plan and provide for follow-up care when required. This also means following the medical best practices, selecting appropriate treatment plans, and researching means to assist patients if the health plan cannot cover needs.

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